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Conditions de réservation en ligne

<strong>GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS</strong></br></br>

<strong>1.</strong> Bookings and Payments</br>
<strong>2.</strong> Policy on Cancellation of Bookings</br>
<strong>3.<strong> New Tax for overnight
<strong>4.</strong> Guarantees</br>
<strong>5.</strong> Arrivals/Departures</br>
<strong>6.</strong> Cleaning</br>
<strong>7.</strong> Occupation</br>
<strong>8.</strong> Rules of Behaviour</br>
<strong>9.</strong> Policy on Privacy of Data</br>
<strong>10.</strong> Responsabilities</br></br>

<strong>1 – Bookings and Payments</strong></br>

All bookings of Portuguese Living apartments and villas are made at our site through a secure server.
The accommodation for babies of up to 3 years is free. If you need a cot/travel bed you should request its availability at the time of booking (extra charge of € 15 per stay).
The reservation implies the initial payment of part of the stay and the acceptance of the General Terms of Portuguese Living.
After confirmation of the booking the guest receives an email with all the details of the stay (booking number, arrival and departure date, number of guests, location of the apartment or villa, remainder of the payment). The remainder of the payment must be made 72 hours prior to arrival or in cash against receipt of the key to the apartment. The villas have to be compulsorily paid in full until 30 days before arrival. If payment is not made until the date of arrival, Portuguese Living may cancel the reservation or use the data provided by the customer to collect the same </br></br>

<strong>Forms of payment</strong></br>
Portuguese Living accepts payment by PayPal or credit card. It is essential to pay a percentage of the total amount at the time of the booking for the reservation to be considered valid. In the case of apartments payment can be made via PayPal 72 hours prior to arrival or in cash at check-in. As for the villas, these have to be paid in full until 48 hours before arrival of guests. A security deposit is paid in cash at check in and returned in full if the apartment is found in the same conditions as handed.</br></br>

<strong>2 – Policy on cancellation of bookings</strong></br>

In case of a cancellation of booking, Portuguese Living refunds the following amounts:</br>
<strong>.</strong> Until 30 days before arrival date: full refund of the initial payment</br>
<strong>.</strong> Until 15 days before arrival date: refund of 50% of the amount.</br>
<strong>.</strong> Less than 15 days before: refund of 30% of the amount.</br></br>

Cancellations made with less than 48 hours are not subject to refund. And if the cancellation of a booking is not requested until 48 hours before arrival, Portuguese Living reserves the right to collect the full amount of the booking of the apartment or villa.</br></br>

<strong>Exceptional cases:</strong></br>
Portuguese Living will refund the amount in full in duly justified exceptional cases, such as a natural disaster in the country of origin of the guest; death of a member or disability/incapacity to travel</br>
If a guest postpones the stay, the initial payment will not be refunded but will remain as a credit in the hands of Portuguese Living for a maximum of 365 days.</br></br>

<strong>3 - New Tax for overnight</strong></br>

Please note that as of the 1st of January 2016 a city tax of EUR 1 per person, per night is not included in the total price and should be paid on site. This tax is charged to guests aged 13 and older. It is subject to a maximum amount of EUR 7 per guest</br>
Children until 13 years old, will be exempt from the overnight tax.
The Tax is not included on total price presented on the website and should be paid in cash at check in time (it's 1€ by person and by night, until a maximum of 7 nights).

<strong>4 - Guarantees</strong></br>

Portuguese Living requests payment of a security deposit whose amount ranges from €100 to €500 and has to be made before entering the apartment or villa or paid by credit card on arrival date. The amount will be retained by Portuguese Living and fully refunded in the same way as it was paid if the apartment or villa is found in good condition on the day of departure, within a maximum of 48 hours. </br>
Portuguese Living is not responsible for damages caused by guests, loss, theft or mislay or for any accidents inside or outside the apartment or villa. The loss of the apartment key implies an additional payment of €50. If guests leave the key in the lock and there is a need to call a locksmith, the respective charges are allocated to the guests.</br></br>

Portuguese Living cannot be held responsible for public failures of gas, water, electricity, works on the street, telephone or Internet.</br></br>

Portuguese Living is not responsable of your belongings during your stay at our apartament/villa. </br>
Portuguese Living have a third-party liability insurance for guests during the stay. </br>

<strong>5 – Arrivals/Departures</strong></br></br>

Guests must confirm the time of arrival at least 48 hours in advance. The entries in the apartments or villas take place between 15.00 and 20.00.</br>
The owner or a member of Portuguese Living will be in the apartment or villa waiting for the guests at the agreed time to hand over the keys and clear any doubts. Guests must contact Portuguese Living at least 30 minutes before arriving at the apartment/villa or upon arrival at Lisbon airport..</br>

As a rule, the check-out of apartments or villas takes place by 11:00.</br>
<strong>.</strong> Whenever the apartments are free, Portuguese Living allows check-ins and check-outs outside the stipulated hours. In some cases there is an additional fee to be paid at the time of check in or check out </br>

Between 8am and 8.30pm- Free </br>
Between 8.30pm and 00h00 - 20€</br>
Between 00:00 and 8am - 30€</br>
<strong>Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: </strong></br>
From 8.30am to 8:30pm - €20 </br>
From 8:30pm to 00h00 - €30 </br>
Between 00h00 and 8.30am - €50 </br>
December 25 and January 1 - €50 </br>
Portuguese Living offers a place for guests to leave their luggage at its headquarters (Saldanha, Lisbon) on weekdays, between 9:30 a.m. and 19:00..</br></br>
(National Holidays: 1 May, 10 June, 13 July, 15 August, 8 December e 25 December)

<strong>6 – Cleaning</strong></br>

Portuguese Living ensures perfect conditions of hygiene of the apartment with its expert cleaning team, before the arrival of the guests and after their departure.</br>
Stays longer than 9 nights include a weekly cleaning and change of bed linen and towels. If you need additional cleaning (extra charge) you should inform Portuguese Living.</br></br>

<strong>7 – Occupation</strong></br>

The cost of the apartments or villas is established according to the number of guests. After booking, and up to 48 hours before arrival, if you increase the number of guests you should notify Portuguese Living. In these cases, an additional fee is calculated and informed to those responsible for the booking. </br>
In exceptional cases and according to the apartment or villa, Portuguese Living can accept pets. You should contact Portuguese Living and inquire about our conditions which vary according to the size of the pet.</br></br>

<strong>8 – Rules of conduct</strong></br>

In Portugal, the law does not allow noise in residential neighbourhoods – where most apartments are - between 22:00 and 08:00, which is why we ask that you pay special attention to these times. </br>
Parties are strictly prohibited. We consider a party whenever the number of occupants of the apartment or villa is higher than what is allowed and mentioned in Portuguese Living’s site.</br>
If Portuguese Living is notified by neighbours or by the Portuguese authorities regarding misconduct of guests, these will have to leave the apartment without the right to any refunds for days not used and without any right of return of security deposit.</br>
Smoking is not allowed in most of our apartments. If you do need to smoke, we ask that you use the windows or terraces, and do not throw cigarette butts through the window and use an ashtray or appropriate container which has also to be cleaned.</br></br>

When you go out, leave the garbage in the appropriate container. Garbage is collected from Monday to Saturday after 21.00h. In each apartment you will find the timetable of garbage collection. On Sundays and holidays there is no garbage collection. In most neighbourhoods you will find a recycling collector where you can leave plastic containers, glass and paper.</br>
For your own safety, Portuguese Living recommends that you lock the door whenever you leave the apartment or villa. </br>
When you leave the apartment, please make sure that garbage is dumped in the appropriate container, and check if the windows are closed and the lights and electrical appliances are turned off.</br></br>

<strong>9 - Policy of Privacy of Data</strong></br>

Portuguese Living guarantees the confidentiality and secrecy of all personal information provided by the guests. The received data is processed and automatically enters the Portuguese Living system for the purpose of booking and contact. According to the legislation, guests can rectify or cancel their data whenever they wish. </br>
Learn more about data privacy: http://www.cnpd.pt/ </br>
If you have questions or need additional information regarding this matter, please contact Portuguese Living through: info@portugueseliving.com </br></br>

<strong>10 - Responsibilities</strong></br>

Portuguese Living provides services in the scope of short or medium term rentals. Some of the apartments or villas are fully managed by Portuguese Living, while others are managed by the owners. In exceptional circumstances, the owners may have to cancel the bookings. In these situations, Portuguese Living is committed to relocating the guests into similar apartments or villas, managed exclusively by Portuguese Living</br>
Portuguese Living is an agency of short term rentals and provides a service for personal and sole use of guests, who cannot use the apartments or villas for commercial purposes. All figures are presented in euros which is the only currency with which Portuguese Living works.</br>
Portuguese Living carefully describes each apartment or villa and the electronic/electrical appliances that each place has. If the guests have any questions or need any other appliance, they should inquire Portuguese Living about their availability at the time of booking..</br>
Portuguese Living reserves the right to change at all times the information contained on your website for online reservations, and is the sole owner of its contents.</br>
The present Terms & Conditions are governed by Portuguese law and exclusively by Portuguese Jurisdiction.</br></br>

<strong>Portuguese Living Contacts:</trong></br>
Avenida Praia da Vitória, 75 – R/c dto</br>
1050-183 Lisboa/ Portugal</br>
Tel: (351) 211 914 447 – Dias úteis das 09h30 às 19h00</br>
Tlm: (351) 919 634 263 – 24 horas por dia</br>