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Online booking terms


1. Reservations and Payments
2. Policy of Cancellations of Reservations
3. Responsibilities and Guarantees
4. Arrival
5. Cleaning
6. Occupancy
7. Departure
8. Rules of Behavior in the Apartment
9. Responsibilities
10. Our Site


All reservations of our Apartments and villas are made on our site through a safe server. We will give step by step instructions to make the whole process of reservation easy.

To make your reservation effective, besides an initial payment, you will be asked to take notice and agree with the General Conditions.
The charge of the deposit varies between 25% and 50% of the total cost of stay, depending on the time of the year and payment is made by Paypal.

Your reservation will be confirmed once Portuguese Living receives payment of the deposit of reservation, after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details (reservation code, date of arrival and departure, number of guests and procedures upon arrival).
The remaining payment should be made until your arrival, or in cash against reception of the apartment keys.


If you have a confirmed reservation, you may cancel it and the refund of the initial payment is subject to the following conditions:
• More than 45 days prior to arrival: 50% of the initial payment
• Up to 30 days prior to arrival: 30% of the initial payment
• Up to 15 days prior to arrival; 15% of the initial payment
• Less than 15 days prior to arrival; the initial payment will not be refunded.

If the cancellation of reservation is not received up to 48 hours prior to arrival Portuguese Living reserves the right to charge the full amount of the apartment reservation.


You will be asked to make a deposit as a guarantee against any damage the apartment may suffer. This guarantee, in an amount varying between €100 and €1000, must be paid in cash (and in some cases by paypal) and is added to the amount to be paid on arrival at your Apartment or villa in Portugal.

The refund of this guarantee will be made on handing back the apartment in good condition and will take place:
a) On the same day if payment was made in cash
b) Within 7 days if payment made by paypal
Neither Portuguese Living, nor the apartment’s owner, can be held responsible for damages caused to the apartment, either directly or indirectly by the guests. We recommend our guests to buy insurance. If you wish we can do it for you.


Please confirm your arrival time 48 hours in advance, as well as the number of people who will be staying in the apartment.

Entrance in our apartments in Lisbon is after 04.00 PM and until 08.00 PM. As the apartments should be left by 11.00 AM, we need some time to prepare the apartment in the best conditions. In case of change in your arrival time please let us know, since arrival after the announced time suffers a €30 surcharge (between 8pm and 12am), €50 (between 12am and 8.30am) and at weekend or national holidays more €20. If you arrive before the announced time, we shall try to find a place to store your luggage, for you to start enjoying your stay immediately.

(Bank Holidays: 1 May, 10 June, 13 June, 15 August, 8 December and 25 December) Your host, either the owner of the apartment in Lisbon or one of the members of Portuguese Living, will hand you the keys of the apartment on arrival and explain how everything works. Furthermore, the host will be pleased to supply any information you need to make you immediately feel at home.

Please note that our offices are open from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM. In case you need anything outside these hours, please contact the person referred in your reservation confirmation.


Portuguese Living ensures that the apartment is in perfect condition and that the cleaning team has done a thorough job, prior to your arrival, besides providing enough bed linen and extra towels according to the guests of the apartment you reserved, to cope with any needs. The cost of your reservation includes cleaning after you leave the apartment. We would like to ask you to keep the apartment clean and tidy as possible.

In case you need extra cleaning or linen please contact us. If your stay is longer than 7 nights, there is an in-between cleaning included in the reservation price. The value of extra cleaning and linen will be informed directly when asked.


Please note that the cost of reservation of your Apartment in Lisbon was established according to the number of guests you informed at the time of reservation and this number, can under no circumstances be changed, without prior knowledge of Portuguese Living. The maximum number of occupants allowed in the apartment you reserved appears in our site. A superior number will not be permitted, and so we would like a written communication in case changes to the agreed reservation are expected.

All guests over 3 years of the age are considered occupants. If you are accompanied by children under 3 years of age, ask for a baby cot and it will be provided.

No pets are allowed unless previously authorized by Portuguese Living. In this case, there is an extra charge of €30 for cleaning and the deposit will be subject to a 50% increase.


Guests have to leave the Apartment by 11.00 AM. Barring exceptional circumstances, the departure will be accompanied by a staff member of Portuguese Living, who will check the apartment to ensure everything is in order, and refund the deposit made at the beginning of stay.
Please inform 48 hours in advance if you wish to leave the apartment before 09.00 AM, for us to make the necessary arrangements. If you wish to stay after 11.00 AM, please let us know and we shall find a place to store your luggage while you take leave of the city. Please inform us as soon as possible any changes to those agreed, through the contacts supplied by Portuguese Living in the confirmation e-mail.


Our apartments were conceived to enable you a pleasant stay and to get to know Portugal in a more intimate way. As they are situated in residential neighborhoods, and in consideration to your neighbors, there are a few rules that have to be followed.
The signer of the reservation is responsible for his behavior and that of all those who accompany him, when inside the apartment. So, please note the following:

I – Take special care with the noise between 11.00 PM and 09.00 AM. We would like to remind you that those occupying other apartments will be working next day and are entitled to their rest. Also in consideration to other tenants take special care with the noise in the common areas of the building.
II - Parties are forbidden. We consider a party when the apartment entertains a number equal or more than double the people described in the site of Portuguese Living.
III - If Portuguese Living receives complaints on the behavior of the guests, by neighbors or police, and if proved right, they will have to leave the apartment immediately, without any right to receive a refund of contracted payments.
IV - You should not smoke inside the apartments. If you have an absolute need, use the window or the balcony, if available. Please do not throw out cigarette buts through the window and use the ash tray or proper containers.
V - When you leave the apartment, please make sure that all lights and electric appliances are switched off. This will avoid any risks and waste of energy. The environment will be grateful.
VI - For your own safety and that of your belongings, we recommend you use close the apartment whenever you leave. VII - When you go out take the trash with you and deposit it the containers used for this purpose. Garbage is collected daily after 09.00 PM.


Portuguese Living or the owners of the apartments will, under no circumstances, be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage incurred during the stay, namely aggressions against persons, loss of belongings, damage by fire, theft or any other criminal behavior.
The description of all apartments in Lisbon, or outside Lisbon, was carefully monitored by Portuguese Living. In spite of this, Portuguese Living cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions that may meanwhile take place.


Portuguese Living reserves the right to alter or change at all times the information contained in the site, and has sole and exclusive ownership of the content.

The General Conditions are clearly described in the site and it is the responsibility of the visitors to read the information made available.